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Has your nice smooth silky Balm become grainy or gritty to the touch? 
Because our Balms are all natural and beeswax based, and here in the Midwest we see a lot of temperature variations throughout the year (even during shipping) it may cause the texture of your Balm to become gritty or grainy. But don't worry the integrity of your balms are just fine! If you want to make them silky smooth again you can put them on a hot plate and re-melt them or if you are like me and the texture isn't a factor, just warm your hands before scooping out your balm or use some extra vigor when rubbing your hands together and it will melt in your hands leaving the product to perform as normal.

Desperado Beard Co.

Beard Oil: 

Handmade with 100% natural oils and essential oils, this oil absorbs quickly and gives your beard a smooth soft subtle shine while conditioning the skin underneath promoting hair growth by helping maintain a healthy beard. Our oils come in a variety of different scents or if you prefer unscented, we have an Au Naturale oil.

Beard Balm: 

Our all natural, extra hold balm that utilizes a beeswax base made right here from hard working North Dakota bees, is designed to help control stray stubborn beard hairs. Additionally as a daily leave in conditioner it helps repair dry damaged hair and split ends, promoting healthy hair and limited breakage. Our balm also keeps your skin underneath moisturized to reduce flaking and dandruff. Utilizing essential oils, our Balms come in a variety of different scents or if you prefer unscented, we have an Au Naturale balm with only the natural smell of the beeswax base. Or if you are like me and like many different scents but don't want that many balms in your arsenal, I use the Au Naturale balm then after applying, add some beard oil of your choosing over the top. This will make for a great smell and a silky beard with a little less hold than using only the balm itself.

As a side note for even extra hold, use a hair dryer and warm your beard after applying the balm. This will melt and fuse the balm to your beard hair better giving you extra hold.

Beard Wash:

Regular shampoos strip the natural oils from your beard and face resulting in dry brittle beard hair and often causing dry skin and dandruff. Our peppermint beard wash is made with all natural oils and ingredients so it won't strip away natural oils while leaving your beard clean and healthy while the peppermint essential oil helps promote growth and reduces itching. 

Hand and Foot Balm: 

Our non-greasy, all natural hydrating balms are perfect for hard-working men and women to soothe and heal your rough, chapped, cracked, or weathered hands and feet, but is also gentle enough to use all over as a dry skin remedy.
The key to these ultra-rich, ultra-moisturizing, balms are the ingredients: Beeswax made right here from hard working North Dakota bees which creates a natural barrier between your skin and the cold dry air, Midwest raised Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E and other botanical and essential oils that will leave your hands and feet feeling smooth and revitalized. 
Our Hand Balm uses Eucalyptus essential oil which soothes and promotes healing and gives a refreshing eucalyptus scent.
Our Foot Balm uses Peppermint essential oil that promotes healing and circulation while it revitalizes with a crisp peppermint scent.

Pain Relief Gel: 

Our all natural Gel is an ultra muscle rub that is soothing and relaxing with a blend of Capsaicin and a proprietary blend of 21 essential oils and herbs in a healing aloe base that gives temporary joint and muscle relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, sprains, strains, back pain, sport injuries and stress. 
Apply before, during or after physical activity or whenever you experience pain, muscle soreness, or aching joints.
Available in 3oz Roll-On or  4oz and 8oz Jars. 


Hand poured with 100% Midwest raised soy wax in melts or 8oz and 16oz tins topped with a crackling wooden wick in many of your favorite beard care scents. 

Lady Desperado


Our bullet jewelry is handmade with real bullets and casings in many of your favorite calibers. We use swarovski crystal birthstones in our earrings, necklaces, bracelets for all of the Calendar Months. We also have money clips, key chains, magnets and more


Hand poured with 100% Midwest raised soy wax in melts or 8oz and 16oz tins topped with a crackling wooden wick in many of your favorite scents. 
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