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Desperado Firearms offers a firearm transfer service for our customers. Please use the contact box or call us with the information on what you will be sending to us.

There are two types of transfers we offer-

1) First is a transfer into Desperado Firearms if you purchase a gun online, from another dealer or an individual.

-If you are purchasing from a dealer you can download a file copy of our FFL and send it to them directly. They are to include a copy of their FFL with your shipment and your contact information. When your package arrives here it will be processed through our receiving department (allow 24-48 hours for it to be properly logged into our books). Once it has been properly logged in we will contact you to let you know that it is ready to be picked up.

-If you are purchasing an item from an individual you can download a file copy of our FFL. Please note that the seller MUST include a copy of their drivers license with no information blocked out, and must have a physical address.(no PO Box). If they do not send the license copy or if information is blocked the package will be returned C.O.D.

2) Second is a transfer out to a dealer in a different state. We need contact information (email is preferred method of contact) for the FFL that it will be shipped to.

The fee for a standard Non NFA transfer is $20 per item (We will contact you when the item is ready for you to pick up) that you would like transferred in.

For transfers out the fee is included in the shipping of each item. Standard shipping + transfer for handguns is $50. Standard shipping + transfer for long guns less than 25 pounds is $60, and greater than 25 pounds is $90. Standard shipping does NOT include insurance, but can be added per customer request at the rate charged by the carrier. We can also give quotes for next day services as well.
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Firearm Transfer Service
Any Firearm or property left unclaimed for over 90 days will become the sole property of Desperado Firearms